Bespoke Projects & Construction

We cater to unique bespoke projects. If you are looking for something truly unique, whether it be a curated crafted furniture piece or an entire construction project, we can provide a solution that meets your lifestyle. 

Bespoke Projects

Manufactured furniture crafted from reclaimed timber and transformed and usually built into the space as a functional work of art. Indoor and outdoor projects. 


Building projects, transforming and renovating a space from old to new, or a completey new contruction form conceptual design to completed project.

Pure Salvage

Custom made collectable pieces crafted from reclaimed and salvaged timber, mostly that has been salvaged from fishing trawler wrecks off the coast of South Africa.

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Unique Bespoke Projects

Repurpose and transform


Very unique and creative furniture. A must have. Let's support this great business.

Beautifully unique and absolutely stunning. I love it.

Excellent workman"ship" Creative and unique.

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Kitchens Knysna
Kitchens Knysna

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