Industrial & Farmhouse Style Furniture

Crafted furniture pieces tailor made to your decor requirements.

Barn Doors

Manufactured barn doors crafted from reclaimed timber and transformed into a functional work of art for outdoor and indoor applications. 

Shipwreck Furniture

Custom made furniture pieces crafted from reclaimed timber, mostly that has been salvaged from fishing trawler wrecks off the coast of South Africa.

Reclaimed Junkies

Unique crafted decor peices made from reclaimed timber that have a particular country style to them.


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Unique Crafted Indoor and Outdoor Pieces

We create decor furniture and pieces from reclaimed timber and transform them into beautiful works of art that has form and function.


Very unique and creative furniture. A must have. Let’s support this great business.

Beautifully unique and absolutely stunning. I love it.

Excellent workman”ship” Creative and unique.

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